What we know so far
The LegCo election is held on Dec 19, the first since improvements to the HKSAR electoral system earlier this year.
There are altogether 153 hopefuls contesting for 90 seats, with 35 aspirants contesting for the 20 seats in geographical constituencies; 67 for the 30 seats in functional constituencies; and 51 for the 40 seats in the Election Committee constituency.
The Seventh LegCo commences on Jan 1, and its first meeting is held on Jan 12
22:59 2022-01-20
The inaugural meeting for the new LegCo marked with a new-look chamber

23:19 2022-01-13
Expectations of the new LegCo

19:26 2022-01-12
LegCo: First meeting went well, say lawmakers

The smooth conduct of the new Legislative Council's first session on Wednesday bodes well for better legislative-executive relations, which will help bring the voice and concerns of the public to the government, lawmakers said.

02:00 2022-01-07
New LegCo an improvement on what HK is used to

22:48 2022-01-05
National Security Law does not undermine press freedom

09:28 2022-01-05
Swearing in of new Hong Kong lawmakers ushers in renewal

The swearing in of the seventh-term Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in the new year, after its rebirth in the Dec 19 election, is pointing to a renewal of Hong Kong as a whole.

22:30 2022-01-04
Andrew Leung vows to lead new LegCo to build a better HK

Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen, who was reelected president of the Legislative Council on Tuesday, pledged to serve as a coordinator among different political groups and lead the seventh LegCo to kick off a new chapter.

22:28 2022-01-04
What new LegCo members say

07:46 2022-01-04
New lawmakers urged to contribute to HK's prosperity

Ninety lawmakers in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region were sworn in to office at a ceremony on Monday, where they expressed their determination to serve the public.

10:47 2021-12-24
LegCo election marks new era for HK's democracy

The Legislative Council general election has been successfully completed, and elected members are busy preparing themselves for the new term.

09:02 2021-12-24
LegCo election shows Hong Kong on right path of democracy: officials

09:01 2021-12-24
LegCo election major step in democracy with Hong Kong characteristics: experts

00:24 2021-12-24
Comments on white paper on Hong Kong's democracy

00:13 2021-12-24
Expectations for the new LegCo members

10:12 2021-12-23
HK's journey to democracy defies LegCo election critics

Again, the LegCo elections for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region held on Sunday draws some Western media and politicians' adverse opinions. Are they reasonable?

01:30 2021-12-23
What they plan to do after elected

01:17 2021-12-23
HK will serve as a shining example of a new democratic system

01:07 2021-12-23
Revamped electoral system enhances inclusive HKSAR governance

17:03 2021-12-22
Liu: White paper shows goal, path of HK democratic progress

The white paper on Hong Kong's democracy reflects the goal and path of the city's democratic development under the principle of "one country, two systems", said Liu Guangyuan, commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

16:52 2021-12-22
Principle of 'patriots governing Hong Kong' implemented

Kennedy Wong Ying-ho, the newly elected lawmaker of functional constituency, says the election truly implemented the principle of "patriots governing Hong Kong," and that the new Legislative Council will be far more efficient, ushering in a brighter future for Hong Kong.

16:14 2021-12-22
Lawmaker-elect vows to drive city's economy forward

Lawmaker-elect Simon Lee Hoey on Tuesday said he'll focus on policy areas related to the city's economic development in his term of office.

16:13 2021-12-22
Nixie Lam urges Western politicians to stop using HK as a pawn

Nixie Lam, lawmaker-elect from the Election Committee constituency and a Hong Kong member of the All-China Youth Federation, on Tuesday urged Western politicians to stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs and attempting to stir up chaos again.

09:12 2021-12-22
No distortion or slander can stop Hong Kong's democratic progress: Chinese spokesperson

21:33 2021-12-21
Article 23 a priority for new LegCo

One of the priorities of the upcoming Legislative Council is the local legislation of Article 23 of the Hong Kong Basic Law, said Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee, a newly elected lawmaker of Hong Kong Island West District who is also the city's former security chief.

21:25 2021-12-21
New LegCo will serve common good

Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee, a newly elected LegCo lawmaker from Hong Kong Island West District, said Hong Kong will serve as a shining example of a new democratic system that is oriented toward serving the common good of the people, instead of sectoral or vested interests.

21:17 2021-12-21
New LegCo a vehicle for progress

The newly formed Legislative Council, comprising people of different backgrounds, can serve the best interests of Hong Kong, Annie Wu Suk-ching, a lifetime honorary board member of the World Trade Centers Association, said on Monday.

21:07 2021-12-21
White paper lays out blueprint for HK's future

The white paper on Hong Kong's democracy that was released by the State Council Information Office on Monday outlines how Hong Kong can move forward and thrive in a post-colonial era, said Annie Wu Suk-ching, a lifetime honorary board member of the World Trade Centers Association.

19:36 2021-12-21
Former LegCo president praises white paper

Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, former president of the Legislative Council, told China Daily the white paper on Hong Kong's democratic development appropriately lays out the notion of democracy for the city with proper historical context.

19:33 2021-12-21
Newly elected lawmaker decries foreign allegations about HK's LegCo election

Lawmaker-elect Dennis Leung Tsz-wing said on Tuesday the attempt by five Western countries to smear Sunday's Hong Kong Legislative Council election was a futile attempt to cause chaos and interfere in the city's affairs.

17:28 2021-12-21
HK lawmaker-elect slams West for double standards

Brave Chan Yung, a Hong Kong deputy to the National People's Congress and lawmaker-elect, on Tuesday blasted the West for having double standards by smearing Hong Kong's just-concluded Legislative Council election and its political system.

16:37 2021-12-21
HKSAR gov't strongly refutes 'Five Eyes' countries' smear on LegCo election

The government of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region said on Tuesday that it strongly opposes to the Five Eyes Alliance countries' attempt to smear against the election of the seventh-term Legislative Council of the HKSAR.

15:27 2021-12-21
Regina Ip blasts West's criticism of HK's LegCo election

Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee, a member of the Executive Council and re-elected lawmaker, on Tuesday condemned the Western world's interference in Hong Kong affairs, saying their so-called criticism of the city's just-concluded Legislative Council election and democracy are misplaced and unreasonable.

15:26 2021-12-21
Newly elected lawmakers call for unity

Lawmakers from 27 functional constituencies in Hong Kong pledged on Tuesday to abandon partisanship in the new legislature and stay united to scrutinize and cooperate with the government on policymaking in a bid to solve long-standing social issues.

09:39 2021-12-21
Hong Kong Democratic Progress Under the Framework of One Country, Two Systems

Editor's note: China's State Council Information Office on Monday issued a white paper, titled "Hong Kong: Democratic Progress Under the Framework of One Country, Two Systems."

07:32 2021-12-21
HK makes strides in democracy

Hong Kong enjoys bright prospects for the development of democracy under the framework of "one country, two systems", officials said on Monday after a white paper on the special administrative region's democracy was released.

07:18 2021-12-21
Election seen as milestone in HK's democratic development

Hong Kong's smooth and orderly Legislative Council election has fully demonstrated the advantages of the city's improved electoral system and is a milestone in developing democracy that suits its actual situation, officials and civic leaders said on Monday.

01:21 2021-12-21
Elections should never be a game of numbers

01:10 2021-12-21
LegCo election successful exercise in developing democracy with HK characteristics

00:53 2021-12-21
Election marked the return of healthy and fair competition

23:05 2021-12-20
New LegCo has a broader scope of representation

Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, former president of Hong Kong's Legislative Council, said the new LegCo has a broader scope of representation, and the city's policy-making process will improve going forward.

22:57 2021-12-20
Holden Chow Ho-ding's take on white paper on Hong Kong's democratic progress

Newly elected lawmaker Holden Chow Ho-ding's take on white paper on Hong Kong's democratic progress under framework of "one country, two systems" released by the central government on December 20.

22:19 2021-12-20
Mark Pinkstone: Enlarged LegCo augurs well for HK

Editor's note: The 2021 Legislative Council election which took place on Sunday is the first under Hong Kong’s revamped electoral system. Mark Pinkstone, former chief information officer for the Hong Kong government and a veteran journalist, told China Daily that he believes the expanded legislature augurs well for the city. Here is what he said.

20:08 2021-12-20
New format LegCo election evolution of 'one country, two systems'

In a statement full of pride and prejudice, and totally groundless finger-pointing, five western countries expressed "grave concern over the erosion of democratic elements" in Hong Kong, because, obviously, they are not happy with the outcome of the Chinese Special Administrative Region's latest Legislative Council elections, which is actually the legitimate and rational choice of the Hong Kong people themselves.

15:43 2021-12-20
Young leader expects healthy, constructive changes after election

Editor's note: The 2021 Legislative Council election which took place on Dec 19 is the first under Hong Kong's revamped electoral system. Yvonne Wong Lai-fong, general manager of Qianhai International Liaison Services Ltd and vice-chairman of Y. Elites Association, shared her views on the election.

13:28 2021-12-20
LegCo election sees return of healthy, fair competition

12:40 2021-12-20
SME representative: New faces to give LegCo new perspectives

12:34 2021-12-20
Kwai: Newly elected lawmakers expected to walk the talk

11:25 2021-12-20
New electoral system creates better synergy in HK: Nixie Lam

The revamped electoral system provides better synergy between different social sectors and the Hong Kong SAR government, said Nixie Lam, one of the winners from the Election Committee Constituency in the Legislative Council election on Sunday.

09:43 2021-12-20
Posters: No Hong Kong elections under British rule

09:31 2021-12-20
All 90 members of HKSAR's 7th-term LegCo elected

All the 90 members of the seventh-term Legislative Council (LegCo) of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region have been elected by Monday morning.

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